Full Professor of Computer Sciences
Khalifa University, UAE

Naoufel Werghi





Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 (2) 312 3333


Research and teaching spanning image processing, computer vision, image understanding and machine learning.

Current Activity

Enhanced Threat Detection

Autonomous Baggage Security Systems

Potential threats concealed within the baggage has become one of the prime security concern all over the world. Manual recognition of these threats is time-consuming and subject to human errors caused by fatigue due to intensive work schedules or less experienced operators.

Recent News

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Current Activity

Recent News

Automated Threat Detection

Automated Threat Detection in X-ray and CT Imagery for Advanced Border and Access Security

The continual increase in air travel has led to a growing concern regarding safety and security. To address this, security personnel at ports currently conduct manual inspections of incoming and outgoing passenger luggage, packages, and containers using x-ray scanners.
Computer Vision for Digital Pathology

Computer Vision for Digital Pathology

In Digital Pathology, the analysis of histopathological images is crucial for supporting pathologists in their diagnosis. It aids in pinpointing potential disease locations, assisting with interpretation, and ensuring the accuracy of diagnoses.
Radiology Medical Image Analysis

Radiology Medical Image Analysis

This field of medical imaging focuses on the advanced analysis of X-ray, MRI, and CT images to detect and quantify various types of pathologies while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic processes.
Intruder detection and tracking in a uniform appearance crowd

Intruder Detection and Tracking in a Uniform Appearance Crowd

Despite the abundance of uniform crowds in many contexts, e.g.in the UAE and Gulf regions, and the challenges they exhibit, little or nothing was done to address the problem of tracking a person in a uniform crowd.
Vision-Based Flare Analytics

Vision-Based Flare Analytics

In the oil and gas industry flaring is the process that consumes waste gases in a safe and reliable manner through combustion in an open flame. Flaring occurs in several processes like well testing and production operations.
Computer vision for smart farming

Computer Vision for Smart Farming

Within the domain of smart farming, our research focuses on two crucial aspects: 1) the detection of fruit and vegetable maturity, and 2) the identification of plant diseases.
Speech Audio Analytics

Speech Audio Analytics

Speaker identification from emotional and noisy speech is a challenging task that has been gaining attention in the past few years. This is due to the fact that emotions and noise can mask the speaker’s identity...
A selection of representative works ...

Neural Graph Refinement for Robust Recognition of Nuclei Communities in Histopathological Landscape.

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Hassan, T., Li, Z., Javed, S., Dias, J. and Werghi, N., 2023. [pdf] [demo]

Drone-Person Tracking in Uniform Appearance Crowd: A New Dataset. Scientific Data, Nature Springer.

M Alansari, OA Hay, S Javed, A Shoufan, Y Zweiri, N Werghi, 2024.  [pdf] [demo

Robot-Person Tracking in Uniform Appearance Scenarios: A New Dataset and Challenges.

IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. Zhang, X., Ghimire, A., Javed, S., Dias, J. and Werghi, N., 2023. [pdf] [demo]

Center-Focused Affinity Loss for Class Imbalance Histology Image Classification.

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, doi: 10.1109/JBHI.2023.3336372. T. Mahbub, A. Obeid, S. Javed, J. Dias, T. Hassan and N. Werghi, 2023.   [pdf] [demo]

“Angular contrastive distillation driven self-supervised scanner independent screening and grading of retinopathy”, Information Fusion, 2023.

T Hassan, Z Li, MU Akram, I Hussain, K Khalaf, N Werghi, 2023.  [pdf] [demo]

A survey of 3d ear recognition techniques.

ACM Computing Surveys, 55(10), pp.1-36 . Ganapathi, I.I., Ali, S.S., Prakash, S., Vu, N.S. and Werghi, N., 2023. [pdf] [demo]

Speaker identification from emotional and noisy speech using learned voice segregation and speech VGG.

Expert Systems with Applications, 224, p.119871. Hamsa, S., Shahin, I., Iraqi, Y., Damiani, E., Nassif, A.B. and Werghi, N., 2023.   [pdf] [demo]

RHEMAT: Robust human ear-based multimodal authentication technique.

Computers & Security, p.103356.  Ganapathi, I.I., Ali, S.S., Sharma, U., Tomar, P., Owais, M. and Werghi,N., 2023. [pdf] [demo]

Spatially constrained context-aware hierarchical deep correlation filters for nucleus detection in histology images.

Medical Image Analysis, 72, p.102104.  Javed, S., Mahmood, A., Dias, J., Werghi, N. and Rajpoot, N., 2021. [pdf] [demo]

"An appraisal of the performance of AI tools for chronic stroke lesion segmentation". Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2023.

R Ahmed, A Al Shehhi, B Hassan, N Werghi, ML Seghier. 2023.  [pdf] [demo]

Recent advances in baggage threat detection: A comprehensive and systematic survey.

ACM Computing Surveys, 55(8), pp.1-38.Velayudhan, D., Hassan, T., Damiani, E. and Werghi, N., 2022.  [pdf] [demo]

“Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Graph Regularized Discriminative Correlation Filter for Visual Object Tracking”, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2021

S. Javed, A. Mahmoud, J.Dias, L. Seneviratne, N. Werghi.  [pdf] [demo]

A novel incremental learning-driven instance segmentation framework to recognize highly cluttered instances of the contraband items.

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 52(11), pp.6937-6951.  Hassan, T., Akcay, S., Bennamoun, M., Khan, S. and Werghi, N., 2021. [pdf] [demo]

Cascaded structure tensor for robust baggage threat detection.

Neural Computing and Applications, 35(15), pp.11269-11285.  Hassan, T., Akcay, S., Hassan, B., Bennamoun, M., Khan, S., Dias, J. and Werghi, N., 2023. [pdf] [demo]

Unsupervised anomaly instance segmentation for baggage threat recognition.

 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, pp.1-12.  Hassan, T., Akcay, S., Bennamoun, M., Khan, S. and Werghi, N., 2021.[pdf] [demo]

“Clinically Verified Hybrid Deep Learning System for Retinal Ganglion Cells Aware Grading of Glaucomatous Progression”, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2020

H Raja, T.Hassan, M. Akram, N. Werghi.  [pdf] [demo]

Learned 3D shape representations using fused geometrically augmented images: Application to facial expression and action unit detection.

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 30(9), pp.2900-2916, 2020.  Taha, B., Hayat, M., Berretti, S., Hatzinakos, D. and Werghi, N., 2020.  [pdf] [demo]

“Robust Structural Low-rank Tracking,” IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2020

S. Javed, A. Mahmoud, J. Dias, N. Werghi.  [pdf] [demo]

Boosting 3D LBP-based face recognition by fusing shape and texture descriptors on the mesh.

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 11(5), pp.964-979.  Werghi, N., Tortorici, C., Berretti, S. and Del Bimbo, A., 2016. [pdf] [demo]

Convolution operations for relief-pattern retrieval, segmentation and classification on mesh manifolds.

Pattern Recognition Letters, 142, pp.32-38. Tortorici, C., Berretti, S., Obeid, A. and Werghi, N., 2021.  [pdf] [demo]

A deep learning-based approach for the detection and localization of prostate cancer in T2 magnetic resonance images.

Journal of digital imaging, 32, pp.793-807. Alkadi, R., Taher, F., El-Baz, A. and Werghi, N., 2019.  [pdf] [demo]

Multi-scale Roughness Approach for Assessing Posterior Capsule Opacification

 IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 18 (6), pp. 1923–1931, 2014.  A. Vivekanand, N. Werghi, H. Al-Ahmad,2014, [pdf] [demo]

Segmentation and Modelling of Full Human Body Shape From 3D Scan Data: A Survey

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 37 (6), November 2007.  N. Werghi, [pdf] [demo]

A Functional-based Segmentation of Human Body Scans in Arbitrary Postures

 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 36 (1), pp. 153–165, 2006 . N. Werghi, Y. Xiao, P. Siebert, 2006. [pdf] [demo]

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