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A number of opportunities exist to join our research team!
Our research team has openings for several PhD students. Prospective candidates seeking to join our group should possess, or anticipate obtaining, a strong undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or a related discipline. Having completed a taught master’s program is advantageous, and a solid foundation in mathematics is a prerequisite. Additionally, proficiency in programming, computer vision, software development, or previous experience in a research setting will be beneficial for contributing to a diverse array of research projects both within our team’s current focus areas and beyond. If you would like more details about our ongoing research projects, please feel free to contact me directly. Khalifa University offers highly competitive stipends. For comprehensive information on PhD admissions at Khalifa University, kindly refer to the KU portal at
Occasional openings are available for post-doctoral researchers to become part of our team, engaging in both funded research initiatives and extensive research subjects that align with our current team themes and extend beyond them. Many of these opportunities involve collaboration with industrial and government partners, both within the UAE and on an international scale.
We gladly receive academic visitors at various career stages, from students to professors, for both brief and extended collaborative stays. Our financial support options are limited, and we typically expect visiting researchers to independently cover their expenses for travel, accommodation, and sustenance while at Khalifa University. Nonetheless, we do offer dedicated working spaces, well-equipped labs as required, and a dynamic research atmosphere conducive to collaboration.

We accept a number of research interns to engage in various research projects within the team as well as provide support for related tasks. Regrettably, we cannot always provide financial assistance to external research interns, and our funding options are limited,

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